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A good idea

Wood Repair by Boegh Consult A/S was founded by Bjarne B√łgh Pedersen in 1992 under the name Boegh Consult Denmark A/S. In 2015 we changed our name to Wood Repair by Boegh Consult in order to internationalize our brand and connect our core competence to our company name. The business idea was, and still is, to sell and develop unique wood repair systems in order to limit the waste of damaged wood in productions. We believe in repairing damaged wood with cracks, knots, etc. instead of discarding it.  By limiting discarded wood, productions benefit from reduced costs and better profit. Today, our products are used in numerous woodworking industries globally. Our Wood Repair products are available in more than 50 countries through distributors, dedicated to distribute our wood repair line to industry and end-users.  Our goal is to make our wood repair products available to all woodworkers - professional or private - all over the world. 

Products & target group

We specialize in wood repair products and carry a complete and deep product programme of high quality, suitable for repairing all sorts of damages in wood. In 1992 we developed our unique product Thermelt Knot Filler #knotfiller that is a pioneer within wood repair fillers. Knot Filler is suitable for all types of standard repairs as well as repairs that are more difficult. With its combination of unique flexibility and strength, Knot Filler is perfect for both indoor and outdoor repairs. It is a non-toxic, unique filler, ready-to-use, and very easy to apply. In addition to Knot Filler, we have developed a broad line of high quality paste fillers, that are perfect for repairing all sorts of defects in wood. Our entire wood repair product programme consists of green products, safe for both the user and the environment. Our wood repair programme is used in all segments of the wood industry, such as windows/doors, flooring, stairs, furniture, glulam, formwork, and plywood. In addition, our wood repair product program meets all types of users, whether big, middle, or small size productions as well as private users interested in woodwork. It is important to us that both durability and ease of our products are top quality.   

Team Wood Repair

We are proud to be a passionate team of wood enthusiasts. We strive to share our knowledge and expertise of wood repair techniques and provide the highest quality of wood repair products that limit the amount of discarded wood in productions. In addition to being a family-established, two-generation company we consider ourselves a small family that works together in close collaboration with our distributors and partners, in order to give our customers the absolute best products and services worldwide. Together with our sister-company in Latvia, we count 14 members of our wood repair team, and joint forces speak Danish, English, German, French, Turkish, Latvian, and Russian. In close collaboration with us, our skilled distributors sell our wood repair product programme to woodworkers and woodworking industries worldwide.

Pushing innovation

We continuously seek to expand our knowledge within innovative wood repair solutions and we are proud of being the frontrunner in the industry. Innovation is key and we strive to push the practice of our wood repair products by having an open-mind to new ways of using and applying our wood repair products. As an example, Knot Filler has turned out to be a perfect system, not only for wood repairs, but also perfect for repairing formwork panels. As a result, Knot Filler is used in leading international formwork companies. The innovative synergy is created by our unceasing curiosity for new trends in the field of wood and woodwork, and by building strong and close relationships to our distributors, customers and followers on social media.