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The Personal Data Act and cookie politic

When visiting www.woodrepair.euand www.woodrepair.deWood Repair by Boegh Consult get a certain amount of information about your navigation on our site. Wood Repair by Boegh Consult uses this information to improve your experience on the website and evaluate the navigation on the website and support our marketing of wood repair products. In this section you will be able to find information on 1) the type of information we collect from visitors, 2) how the information is treated, 3) what the information is used for, 4) who has access to the information. You will also find information on how to contact Wood Repair by Boegh Consult with questions/comments regarding our personal data and cookie politic. 

The collection of data on www.woodrepair.euand www.woodrepair.deis within the scope of the applicable law. If woodrepair.dk processes personal data that are not publicly available, the processing will be in accordance with the Personal Data Act.

At woodrepair.eu and woodrepair.de, log-in and log-out times, IP addresses, and data regarding your movements between different pages and services are automatically registered on woodrepair.dk. There is no information between name and email.

Our web agency Tiger Media uses various analysis tools to help Wood Repair by Boegh Consult collect statistical information on the use of woodrepair.dk. Information collected about the user is collected via so-called cookies. Read more below.

What is a cookie?

Like almost all other websites, woodrepair.eu and woodrepair.de use cookies that are stored on the user's computer when visiting woodrepair.dk. A cookie is a small text file that is stored in your browser in order for woodrepair.dk to recognize your computer on recurring visits to our website. Wood Repair by Boegh Consult does not store any personal / personal information in our cookies and they cannot contain viruses.
Cookies are sent back and forth between your browser and a web server, and may be necessary to provide the user with the best experience on our website. At woodrepair.eu and woodrepair.de, cookies include information about user settings, login and how the website is used. If you are not interested in receiving cookies, you have the option to block all cookies and delete existing cookies from your hard drive. However, it is important to note that there may be features / services that will not work optimally on woodrepair.dk, if cookies are rejected / blocked.

What do we use cookies for at woodrepair.eu and woodrepair.de?

 Wood Repair by Boegh Consult uses cookies for: 

  • Make the website work the way you expect
  • Ensure high speed and security on the website
  • Improve the website continuously in relation to you as a visitor
  • Perform demographic and user-related statetics
  • Improve our marketing 

We do NOT use cookies for:

  • Collecting personally identifiable information without your consent
  • Collecting personal information about age, gender and the like
  • Passing on information to other companies / networks 

By using cookies, we have the opportunity to customize and create content and services that fit your and other users' interests and wishes. If your computer's software is installed to accept cookies, and / or if you approve our pop-up request for cookies, this means you accept our use of cookies. In short, woodrepair.eu and woodrepair.de use cookies to give you the best possible user experience on our website.

Our cookies

Session cookies
Session cookies help us keep track of your activities when visiting our website. Session cookies are used to recognize you when you move around the website. The information is NOT saved and is deleted automatically after you close your browser. The information is also not known by Wood Repair by Boegh Consult and it is not shared with others. An example is your keyword activity if you search on a particular service or product through the search feature.

If you click the link to the webshop dorchdanola.dk, this website will use cookies that we cannot be hold responsible for. 

Distributors, partners and sponsorhips
If you click links to our distributors, partners and sponsorhips these sites use cookies that we cannot be hold responsible for. 

Google analytics
Google analytics is a statistics system that applies cookies, which we use to get information about the visitors’ behavior on our websites - for example 1) the most visited pages 2) number of visits on the different pages. We use the information to improve our website and the information is sent only to Google Analytics located at Google.

Use of personal data

The purpose of Wood Repair by Boegh Consult's Privacy Policy is to explain how we collect, process and protect your personal data and the rights you have in this regard.
Personal information is not provided to third parties unless you consent to this. We only disclose information to our partners in the event that it has a necessary purpose. Exceptionally, personal information received from you, which is also publicly available, may be disclosed to our distributors for the purpose of providing the best service for you if you have shown interest in our products.
Such information could be name, title, employment, company, company email, telephone number, or professional interest given to us at exhibitions, for business purposes and the like. We do not collect information you have not provided us with and we do not collect confidential or sensitive personal data. 

When do we collect personal data?

We record and store the information you provide to us when you enter into an agreement with us, whether it is physical or digital. We collect personal information as follows:

  • When you purchase goods (on exhibitions or via email/phone correspondence)
  • When you interact with us at exhibitions
  • When you interact with us via emails, phone, whatsapp and the like
  • When participating in competitions 

Information on personal data

If you want to access the information that is registered about you at Wood Repair by Boegh Consult, please contact info@woodrepair.dk. If you have any objections or if you find that we have registered incorrect information about you, please contact the same email address. You always have the opportunity to get insight into which information is registered about you and what types of information we exchange, if any, on the basis of your consent. If desired, you can always object to a registration in accordance with the rules in the Personal Data Act.
Protection of personal data

According to the law, your personal information must be kept safe and confidential. We store your personal information on conputers with restricted access, located in controlled facilities. Our security measures are continually reviewed to determine whether our user information is properly managed with your rights as a user in mind. 
There can never be a 100% guarantee on data transfers over the internet. When data is transmitted and stored electronically, it poses a potential risk that others will unjustifiably force themselves to access information. You thus disclose your personal information at your own risk. Personal data is ongoingly deleted or anonymized as the purpose for which they were collected is terminated.

The expanding development and use of digital tools mean that changes in our processing of personal data may be necessary. Therefore, we reserve the right to update and modify this Privacy Policy. You can always see when the guidelines are updated at the bottom of the page. In case of significant changes, we will notify you in the form of a visible notice on our website.

You have the opportunity to complain about the processing of information and data regarding you. If there is a complaint about the processing of personal data under the Personal Data Act, it must be submitted to the Data Inspectorate.

Contact details

In case of any questions to our Personal Data Act and Cookie Politic send us an email to info@woodrepair.dk

Date of update: May 23, 2019