Soft Wax

Easy and quick touch-up. 12 pcs/single color

Mohawk Soft Wax is perfect for repairing smaller scratches and dents in wood, veneer, melamine, etc. Choose between more than 50 different colors. Just pick a suitable color and rub the soft wax into the defect. Remove excess soft wax with the Leveling tool. Quick and easy. 

♦   Easy to use   ♦   Works on any sheen   ♦   Quick finish   
♦   Excellent for dents and smaller scratches   

•   Single color, 12 pieces of wax
Soft Wax

Soft wax is perfect for touch-up in:

M230-0037 Dover White SWP
M230-0100 Natural
M230-0102 Natural Tone
M230-0115 Deep Mahogany
M230-0202 White
M230-0206 Light Walnut
M230-0207 Medium Brown Walnut
M230-0209 Extra Dark Walnut
M230-0218 Mahogany/Cranberry
M230-0222 Blonde
M230-0224 Black
M230-0237 Med. Rock Maple
M230-0307 Heartwood Cherry
M230-0333 Heritage Oak
M230-0411 Nutmeg
M230-1516 Butterscotch
M230-2052 Medium Oak/Toffee
M230-4009 Natural Hickory
M230-4021 Caramel 9730500CRM
M230-4029 Slate Grey
M230-4036 Natural Maple
M230-4038 Oak/Hickory Lt. Natural
M230-4044 Cabernet/Chestnut
M230-4045 Royal
M230-4052 Mirage
M230-4065 Glaze/Kaffe
M230-4068 Sable Maple
M230-4071 Kona/Mocha
M230-8326 Charcoal Grey
M230-9840 Candlelight Cherry
M230-9842 Light Fruitwood #2
M230-9847 Red Brown Mahogany
M231-0403 Whitewash
M231-0426 Medium Oak II
M231-0428 Natural Maple SVP
M231-4416 Frost
M231-5019 Yellow 1468
M231-5022 Winter Haven 2679
M231-7635 Mist
M231-8096 Autumn Blush
M231-8154 Oatmeal Maple
M231-8618 White Arctic 901347
M231-8981 Soumi
M231-9196 1401951
M231-9836 Hunters Green
M231-9852 Putty
M231-9854 Antique Light Green
M231-9856 Blue Oyster
M231-9864 Merlot/Cherry/Chestnut
M231-10164 American Hewn White
M231-10169 Cayman Blue