Powder Filler

Mix with water, perfekt for brushing and stain.

Powder Filler is an organic paste filler of very high quality. The paste filler comes as powder which is easily mixed with water (3 parts powder, 1 part water) to obtain a high quality paste filler. Just mix the amount of paste filler you need. Powder Filler is perfect for repairs with a depth up to 15 mm and it can handle both stain and brushing. Powder Filler comes in three different qualities/types (contact us for more info). 

♦   Mixing ratio: 3 parts powder, 1 part water   ♦   Very high quality
♦   100% organic product   ♦   Suitable for repairs with a depth up to 15 mm
♦   Extra strong paste filler - can handle brushing   ♦   Mix colours as you please
♦   Accepts all surface treatments   ♦   Perfect for all kinds of wood    
♦   Perfect for knots, cracks etc.   ♦   3 different qualities/types   ♦   Possible to add pigment 
♦   Drying time depends on the individual size of the repair
♦   Add Powder Hardener to get an extra strong paste filler

•   30 kg buckets 

Powder Filler

How does it work?

The best application of Powder Filler: 

1.   Mix the powder with water (3 parts powder, 1 part water) in a bowl
2.   Make sure to stir well in order to get just the right consistency. The paste is not allowed to run of the filler knife/spautla
4.   Use a filler knife/spatula to fill the damages with Powder Filler. Apply with an angle of 30-45º for the best result and apply with a bit pressure
5.   Sand the repair when the Powder Filler has dried
6.   The drying time depends on the size/depth of the repair
7.   Finish with oil, lacquer, stain, paint etc. 

Important! Powder Filler is not water-repellent. Therefore it is important to surface treat the repair after sanding to seal the repair. 

Powder Filler is often used for:

Natural oak
Oak knot
Smoked oak
Dark oak