E800 AQUA+ paste filler

High quality, water-repellent wood filler

E800 Aqua+ is a unique paste filler with an excellent water repellent effect. This makes it ideal to use for outside repairs as well as indoor repairs. E800 Aqua+ is a ready-to-use pre-mix paste filler with a fine grained texture, free of any toxics. E800 Aqua+ is very suitable for wood repairs, and even without a finish or surface treatment the filler will repel water and moisture.

♦   Perfect for repairing knots, cracks, grains etc. in wood   ♦   Water repellent   
♦   Ready-to-use   ♦   Many colors   ♦   Suitable for all types of wood   
♦   Fine grained texture   ♦   Easy dosing from the tube   
♦   Accepts all types of surface treatments
♦   Drying time depends on the size/depth of the repair

•   400g tube or 7kg bucket 

How does it work?

The best application of E800 Aqua+:

1.   Choose a color. E800 Aqua+ is ready-to-use directly from the tube. 
2.   Put some E800 Aqua+ on a spatula/filler knife and fill damage.
3.   Leave the paste filler to dry. Drying time depends on the size/depth of the repair. 
5.   Sand the repair when the paste filler is completely dry. 
6.   Apply surface treatment (not a must with E800 Aqua+ as it has an exceptional water repellency when the paste filler is hard).

Tip! E800 Aqua+ is water repellent when the paste filler has hardened and, thus, perfect to use for repairs outdoors. 

E800 Aqua+ is often used for:

White Art 65004
Ash Art 65001
Pine Art 65006
Oak Art 65000
Beech Art 65010
Cherry Art 65002
Mahogany Art 65007
Smoked oak Art 65003
Wenge Art 65008
Black Art 65005