Original nozzles

Nozzles for the BCD360 & BCD180

The original nozzles fit the professional BCD360 Knot Filler gun and the BCD180 Knot Filler gun. The original nozzles are available in two different sizes, i.e. 1.5mm and 3mm. The nozzles are of high quality and are easy to change on the BCD360 and BCD180 Knot Filler guns. 

•   D 1,5 mm (short tip, see photo)
•   D 3 mm (long tip, see photo)

•   Both nozzles are included in the Wood Repair Pro Kit
•   The nozzles can be cleaned with the BCD Cleaning oil
Original nozzles

How does it work?

Use the original nozzles this easy:

  1. Choose a nozzle (D 1.5mm or D3 mm)
  2. Remove the old nozzle from the Knot Filler gun
  3. Screw on the new nozzle tight
  4. It is possible to clean the old nozzle with the BCD Cleaning Oil
  • Remember to tighten the nozzle on the Knot Filler gun