Hard Wax Furniture Kit

Complete 40 pcs hard wax kit

Mohawk Hard Wax Furniture Kit is a complete hard-wax-kit suitable for smaller scrathes and repairs in wood. Use the Hard Wax Furniture Kit to repair smaller damages in furniture, floors, tops, fronts, sides, doors, drawers, and other wood surfaces. 

♦   40 pcs Kit   ♦   Easy to use   ♦   Works on any sheen   
♦   Excellent for dents   ♦   Quick finish   ♦   Little to no sanding

•   1x Battery Melter, 40 pieces of hard wax, 3x Brush Tip Markers, 1x Leveling tool, 1x Scraper, Sanding paper, Lint free cloth, Non-woven hand pad, Extra nozzle for battery melter, 3x AA batteries
M314-0202 White RAL 9010
M314-0334 Off White
M314-4012 Fawn Glaze
M314-2063 Silk
M314-7635 Mist
M314-1506 Provincial White
M314-0402 Champagne
M314-0340 Off White Seafoam
M314-0902 Natural Tone
M314-0905 Transparent Yellow
M314-8618 Arctic White
M314-0354 Snowwhite
M314-9055 Gardenia
M314-9923 Amber White
M314-0000 Natural
M314-0007 Light Grey RAL 7035
M314-6869 Natural IV
M314-0401 Almond
M314-0901 Clear
M314-0907 Red
M314-4035 Praline
M314-0360 Honey Maple
M314-0330 Sand Stone
M314-0030 New Fontana
M314-0032 Trans. Green Brown
M314-4006 Salem Maple
M314-0369 American Brown Walnut
M314-9835 Heritage Cherry
M314-4070 Peppercorn
M314-4071 Kona
M314-0415 Light Golden Oak
M314-4057 Light Fawn
M314-4038 Oak Hickory Lt. Natural
M314-0079 Medium Tan
M314-0240 Colonial Maple
M314-0408 Cherry
M314-4062 Mocha
M314-0218 Light Red Mahogany
M314-0004 Deep Red Mahogany
M314-0224 Black RAL 9005