Hard Wax

Single color/10 pcs for touch up repairs

Mohawk Hard Wax is perfect for touch-up repairs in wood and wooden surfaces. Use hard wax to repair smaller damages in floors, furniture, tops, fronts, sides, doors, drawers, and other surfaces. Choose between 48 standard colors. Use a melting tool for easy application. 

♦   Easy to use   ♦   Works on any sheen   ♦   Excellent for dents and small scratches
♦   Quick finish   ♦   Many color options

•   Singe color packages with 10 pieces of hard wax

M310-0000 Natural
M310-0001 Light Cherry
M310-0003 Dark Umber
M310-0004 Deep Red Mahogany
M310-0007 LIght Grey Ral 7035
M310-0030 New Fontana
M310-0032 Trans. Green Brown
M310-0079 Medium Tan
M310-0156 American Walnut
M310-0202 White Ral 9010
M310-0218 Light Red Mahogany
M310-0224 Black Ral 0224
M310-0240 Colonial Maple
M310-0330 Sand Stone
M310-0334 Off White
M310-0339 Light Almond
M310-0340 Off White Seafoam
M310-0354 Snowwhite
M310-0360 Honey Maple
M310-0369 American Brown Walnut
M310-0401 Almond
M310-0402 Champagne
M310-0408 Cherry
M310-0415 Light Golden Oak
M310-0901 Clear
M310-0902 Natural Tone
M310-0907 Red
M310-1478 Van Dyke Brown
M310-1506 Provincial White
M310-1521 Antique Oak
M310-2052 Medium Oak
M310-2063 Silk
M310-2294 Maple Caramel Toffee
M310-4006 Salem Maple
M310-4012 Fawn Glaze
M310-4035 Praline
M310-4038 Oak Hickory Lt. Natural
M310-4049 Toffee
M310-4057 Light Fawn
M310-4062 Mocha
M310-4070 Peppercorn
M310-4071 Kona
M310-6869 Natural IV
M310-7635 Mist
M310-9055 Gardenia
M310-9835 Heritage Cherry
M310-9844 Bone White
M310-9923 Amber White