E850 Floor Filler

Use E850 Full-Trowel Filler for filling knots and cracks in parquet flooring. Cover the floor. High quality wood filler paste. Perfect for mosaic, herring bone
E850 Floor Filler colors:


Can be used for:


How does it work?

Use the E850 Full-Trowel Filler this easy:

1.   Choose a color. The E850 paste filler is ready to use directly from the bucket
2.   Open the bucket and put a suitable amount of E850 on a spatula
3.   Cover the floor with E850 and let it dry
4.   Only one application necessary
5.   Sand the floor when the paste filler is dry (E850 produces minimal dust when sanding)
6.   Apply surface treatment if you want. Surface treatment is not necessary as the dry E850 has an excellent water repellent effect. 
Product information "E850 Floor Filler"
E850 is a special paste filler specifically developed for full-trowel filling of parquet flooring. E850 has a particularly unique and fine-grained texture, which makes it easy to cover knots, cracks, holes, and other imperfections in wooden floors. With E850 only one application is necessary. Excess filler is easy to remove with a sanding machine and it only creates a small amount of dust. E850 accepts all kinds of surface treatments, however it is not urgent to use finishes as the paste filler is water repellent when hardened. 

♦   Very high quality  ♦   Water repellent   ♦   Fine-grained consistency
♦   Perfect for parquet floors   ♦   Only 1 application necessary
♦   Minimal dust when sanding   ♦   Free of any toxic   ♦   Ready to use
♦   Perfect for mosaik etc   ♦   Perfect for both outdoor and indoor repairs

•   7kg bucket