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Whether you work with wood in the furniture, windows, doors, flooring, or staircase industry, or if you simply enjoy woodworking as a hobby, we have the right repair materials to fill knots, cracks, and other damages in wood. Our Wood Repair program caters to all segments of the woodworking industry. Whether you need to make outdoor or indoor wood repairs, we have a product that suits your needs. 

Are you a furniture carpenter? Or bigger furniture production? If so, our Wood Repair products are highly suitable for your needs. Whether you produce plank tables, chairs, coffee tables, or other wooden furniture, our range of products including Knot Filler, paste fillers, and touch-up line can assist you in achieving excellent repair results. 

Our Wood Repair program is excellent for repairing damages in both exterior and interior wooden doors, whether it's in the  production, installation, or regular wear and tear. Depending on your needs, you can use Knot Filler, E800 Aqua+Wood Filler, or our Touch-up line to achieve the desired results.  

We have the solution for repairing knots, cracks, and damages in parquet flooring. Our Knot Filler system and Powder Filler paste filler is popular in the production of parquet floors. The E850 Floor Filler is popular for full-trowel filling of mosaic and herringbone parquet floors. Finally our touch-up line is perfect for the small damages in already surface treated floors casued by wear and tear or installation. 

Our Wood Repair program is highly suitable for window productions as a solution to repair knots, cracks, edges and/or corners in window frames or minor damages in muntins. Knot Filler and E800 Aqua+ are both waterrepellent wood fillers, that accept surface treatment. We also have the solution for daily wear and tear or damages during transportation or installation. 

Easily fill and repair nail holes, scratches, and minor damages in baseboards, door casings, crown moldings, and decorative trims with our 3-in-1 Repair Stick or soft wax program. Simply rub in the soft wax in the nail hole, scratch, or small blemish. Remove excess wax using a scraper and remove shine with the wax-away sponge. 

Use our Wood Repair assortment to repair knots, cracks, and damages in wooden staircases. We have the solution for the production site as well as the on-site solution for installations of wooden staircases. Our Knot Filler system, paste fillers for wood, and touch-up system are all goods choices when it comes to wooden staircases.   

Knots and cracks in gluelam is easily repaired with our Knot Filler system and/or E800 Aqua+ paste filler. Both products are used for filling voids in the production of glued wooden beams. Both solutions also apply for damages or fallen knots during installation that needs to be repaired. Knot Filler is also perfect for restoring a damaged edge or corner. 

Highlight knots and cracks in a carpenter's kitchen using our Knot Filler system or E800 Aqua+ paste filler in a darker shade than the chosen wood species. Black, Mahogany, Walnut, Wenge, and Grey-brown are beautiful choices for oak wood. Woodmatching is also possible. Our Touch-up line is ideal for minor repairs, both in production but also an ideal solution for wear and tear/installation issues. 

Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) has become a popular material in timber construction known for its strength and durability. Occurence of knots and cracks in the used material can be repaired using our Wood Repair program during the production of CLT structures or during installation. Utilize Knot Filler and/or E800 Aqua+ to address these issues effectively.

Knots and cracks in exterior cladding can be easily repaired during production or installation. We offer various water-repellent Wood Repair solutions that are specifically designed for wood and perfect for outdoor use, thus perfect for exterior cladding. Check out our Knot Filler and E800 Aqua+ that are both perfect for outdoor use.

Screw holes can easily be covered using either Knot Filler or E800 Aqua+. If you do not want visible screws in your deck, furniture, etc. you can countersink the screw hole and fill the hole afterwards. Screws can be concealed by choosing a color that matches the wood or highlighted by selecting a contrasting color to the wood. 

Our Touch-up program is perfect for addressing minor damages such as scratches and small dents in acoustic panels, which can occur during installation, transportation, or daily wear and tear. It is also ideal for filling nail holes in acoustic panels that have been installed using a nail gun. In particular our 3-in-1 Repair Stick, is recommended as it combines soft wax and a scraper into one convenient tool. 

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When working with wood, our Wood Repair program is your go-to solution. Whether you need to repair knots, cracks, edges, corners, or quickly fill nail holes during the installation of trim and panels, our program has got you covered. The possibilities for utilizing our Wood Repair program are virtually endless. It finds its application in various segments, including furniture repair, wooden flooring, doors, windows, stairs, and glued laminated timber. Let your imagination run wild, and trust our Wood Repair program to deliver exceptional results in restoring and enhancing the beauty of wood. The main segments using our Wood Repair program work with funiture, flooring, doors, windows, staircases, and gluelam.