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Got questions about our Wood Repair products? You might just find your answers here! Explore a collection of frequently asked questions about our products. Curious if you can use your own glue gun for our Knot Filler? Wondering if you can finish your repairs with oil or lacquer? Or perhaps you're pondering how to change Knot Filler color? Get insightful answers and learn more about our products here.


How do I change color?

When it comes to changing the color of Knot Filler, there are various approaches. Here's what we recommend:  
  • Use different Knot Filler guns for different colors 
  • Use the Knot Filler Saver to transform surplus material into reusable Knot Filler sticks before transitioning to a different color. Trim the Knot Filler stick as much as possible, but ensure the stick currently in the gun is dispensed. This step is crucial, as pulling a stick out backward (which must never be done!) will damage the gun's chamber. Instead, introduce the new color into the gun and shape reusable sticks using the Knot Filler Saver and hereby reduce waste. 

Is Knot Filler certified?

Yes, Knot Filler complies with the 'IKEA test specification IOS-MAT-0054', which screens for Bisphenol A, Cadmium, Lead, Organotin, and Phthalates CPSC. 
Knot Filler is an environmental friendly product, harmless to both users and the environment. 
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