Powder Hardener

Need an even more resistant filler? Use the BCD Hardener to increase the strength of the Powder Hardener. Shortens the drying time of the Powder Hardener - woodrepair.com

How does it work? 

Use the Powder Hardener this easy:

1.   Mix water and powder hardener in a bottle and shake well 
2.   REMEMBER to follow the mixing ratio guidelines
2.1. Normally Powder Filler is mixed 3 parts Powder Filler and 1 part water
2.2. Powder Hardener must replace 10-20% of the water
3.   When you have made the Powder Hardener and water mix in the bottle, you easily mix this with the Powder Filler according to above-mentioned guidelines. 

Tip! Water and Powder Hardener is most easily mixed in a bottle
Product information "Powder Hardener"
The Powder Hardener is a good supplement when using Powder Filler to repair cracks, knots, and other defects in wood. The Powder Hardener makes it possible to increase the strength of Powder Filler even more, which makes it a popular product in flooring industries. The Powder Hardener is easy to use. Follow the guidelines below when mixing the Powder Hardener with Powder Filler and water. 

♦   Mixing ratio: 3 parts Powder Filler, 1 part water (10-20% of the water must be replaced with Powder Hardener)
♦   Increases the strength of Powder Filler even more
♦   Increase the Powder Fillers resistency towards water
♦   Fastens the drying time of Powder Filler repairs

•   750 ml plastic bottle with tip